Sunday, August 06, 2006

Touching Base Again

I have been a little slack at the updates but here we go. I am still loving my work in Early Child Care. Yes the little grommits have worked their way into my heart and I am now starting my Certificate 3 in Early Childcare so I can then do a diploma and become Qualified. After I complete this I can move onto Primary education if I want to change and anything I study now will count towards that Degree. My employers are very happy with my work and even offered me the position of Ocupational Health and Saftey Representative, but I had to remind them that I would be moving around June next year (Army Thing) and didin't feel right having them put me through the training just to turn around and leave. They are still discussing the topic.

I have also discovered the joy of germs with the kids. I think in the last five weeks I have had just about everything from a cold to a lung infection and if that wasn't enough a bit of the flu to boot! After three weeks of Anti Biotics I thought "Hold on here... Something is wrong..." and yes it was. I had a blood test and it turns out I have Glandular Fever too. Great. So I have a weak immune system at the moment and need to get plenty of rest (which you never feel you do) plus lots of multi vitamins otherwise it will lapse into Cronic Fatigue. So my life revolves around sleep, work, food and more sleep.... hey! that sounds pretty good! Always look on the bright side of life.

Well as for the Man, He survived the latest. The infamous "Shaggy Ridge" and for those who don't know this was a battle that went completely wrong. So the Royal Military Collage (RMC) use it as a training block in the program to push the cadets to the extreme limits they can take and see if they can still lead. So it means very little sleep if any, little to no food (well I
wouldn't call what they ate food) and lots of exercises they have to complete for 7 days. Sinclair had 11 hours sleep over this week and 1/3 a canteen full of "food" trust me you don't want to know. They had to move logs and save bodies (dead roos wrapped in cammo and gear) all that fun stuff that being in the Army is all about. Sinclair was not in the best
health when he left as he and nearly half the class had the Flu and it is the middle of winter here. He was a mess when he got home, very bruised and scratched up. Lost a lot of weight and had that not quite right glint in his eyes plus the SMELL! no they don't change clothes. Now we wait to see if he passed and if not he has to do it again next term break, so cross your
fingers! He is confident though and really pleased with himself. Sinclair is going to write a little about the experience so people can have a read. I was a little disapponted though becuase he didn't have any halucinations... sheese! : )

There was a little get together next door for a BBQ last night. The men all look like they have been beaten up and dragged around, but where happily stuffing there faces with roasted animals and beer. We actually did have a Goat! The guy throwing the party shot it and cooked it up along with the usual bits and pieces. It was good to see that the final connection has been
made between the boys now and they were all as thick as theives last night, sharing experiences and relaxing. Sinclair said they all agree that this was the real innitiation and they are there. Well now things tone down a bit around here before next they go out Bush again so next weekend we are heading to the Snow with our neighbours for a day of skiing and realxing
before the next battle block. Then us girls are going to let our hair down and get to know each other a bit more. It is a good life here and a great community to be involved in.

Well I am going to sign out now. Thankyou Aunt Barbra for the latest news and send my love to Christian. Thanks Kim for the update and good luck to you and Matt. Plus a big hug to everyone else and we miss you all. I have attached a photo of Sinclair just returned from "Shaggy Ridge" because you have to see it to believe it. Be glad you can't smell it! hee hee.

Love and Fluffy Bunnies,

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Snow & Happy 4th of July

So we went to the snow on Tues. Happy Fourth of July. It was fun, but not if you were Skiing. The snow was the wet sticky kind as the sun was out and it was mostly man made (man Forced that is). So there were only a couple of long runs and a few short ones. We went up on a chair lift to do the walk around tourist thing, as you do. This obviously led to a snowball fight and snow men!

In case you are wondering, we went to Thredbo. Next time we shall go to Perisher for some skiing I think. They have great bus deals here where you can catch a bus from Canberra to Perisher and the deal includes ski hire plus day pass for $140! WOW! Gotta love living in Canberra. We will give it a couple more weeks for more snow. Perisher is higher and bigger so it is looking better than Thredbo any way.

Well here are some pics taken by my mobile phone.

Hugs and fluffy bunnies,

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello and Greetings to All

Well after a frustrating move to Canberra, we are here on internet again! YAY! I arrived in our new home on the 4th of May and it is a great house. Three bedrooms and a large backyard, plus loads of space! The cats are loving it here as there is Carpet all throught the house. HooRay! one big scratching post! Hmmmmm we are working on that one. When I first arrived Sinclair was not around so I moved everthing in and waited for him. Just as a good Army Spouse should! (yeh right)

TO fill some time I went for a job interview at an Early Learning Centre. I got the job straight away and am now on my way to starting my new career path educating young Children. Yes, and early learning center is a school and not just a day care. We are stimulating young minds to think and observe. I love it! I work with the Three year olds and they are great. Each day is different and busy busy busy! I can also do a trainee certificate through the centre to become qualified childcare teacher or to lead into a Uni course.

It has takin a while to meet people. There was no housewife brigade to welcome me to the neighbourhood or offer me baked goods. As I arrived in mid year instead of the beginning I missed out on the welcoming afternoon tea that the others had. So after a month(because Sin was out bush), I finally was able to go out with Sinclair to meet people. Some of whom live on the
same street as me, but just have not got around to saying Hi. Now the ball is rolling and I am having conversation with my backyard neighbour and also went to a Hens night this Saturday past. The Bride to be used it as an excuse for us gals to get to know each other, and boy did we! After a few drinks and games plus a very nice looking Stripper, we knew a lot more about
one another. I also go to the Gym with a couple of the ladies now and we are planning a day Ski trip.

This Weekend comming is the Graduation Ball for First Class, who are Finished and leaving. The Royal Military College (RMC) has made it compulsory for all cadets to go, so us girls are planning to go as well. The Ball is a James Bond Theme, so a formal occasion. YAY I finally have stuff to do!

Well I have no photos to share. When I arrived it was to find that my camera was Broken! Dang it! So I am cameraless for now, but soon will fix that and send many photos of where we are and who we know, etc...

Love and Hugs!


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